Nancy - Adopted on 3/9/2017

Age:  4 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Miniature Rottie


Poor girl, she came in lactating and was probably worried about her puppies. It is possible she was dumped and they kept her puppies. The ACO was not able to locate the puppies upon pick up. Nancy is such a sweet girl. She is very friendly and extremely loving. She is playful and seems to love everyone she meets. Nancy is a very special girl. She loves to play fetch and will bring you the ball over and over. Nancy is a short, small dog that happens to look like a Rottweiler, only she is about 50lbs. She is affectionate and so full of love and light and cannot get enough petting and loving. Nancy is a bit defensive around some dogs and will growl to warn them off, but she really is not aggressive and can pretty easily be swayed into calm reaction.

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