Happy - Adopted on 7/15/2017

Age:  About 3 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Pocket Lab/Border Collie Mix


Happy and her pups, Joy and Merry, were dumped together at a shelter in SC. She is sweet as can be and very well behaved! She is a little shy at first but warms up quickly to people. She follows her foster parents around the house and loves being scratched and having her ears rubbed. She seems to like having other dogs in the home with and gets along well with them, but is not dependent on them. She adjusts well to new routines and fit right into her foster family after a very short time.

She is fully house trained and doesn't jump on furniture (though we're sure she could learn if you want her there with you!). She sleeps soundly all night on her own pillow or doggie bed. She can get a little overwhelmed at certain things that are new to her, like walking down stairs, but with encouragement she does fine.

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