Miracle Puppies

Mateo (Adopted on 6/24/2017), Mireille (Adopted on 6/17/2017)



Age:  About 1 year
Gender:  1 female and 1 male
Breed:  Terrier/Bulldog Mix


Matea and Mireille were found in an oversized heavy-duty trash bag which was tied tightly. They were struggling to get out. A good samaritan found them and got them out. She could not keep them so they went to a local high kill shelter. Both puppies were very thin and malnourished but incredibly sweet and they love to give kisses. When the shelter reached out to us, we said yes we would take them. We named the boy puppy Matea which is Hebrew for God's gift. We named the girl puppy Mireille which is French for Miracle.

Both puppies are incredibly sweet and love people. They enjoy playing with other dogs and going on walks. Both are crate trained and Matea is also house trained. Mireille is still working on house training but is sure to catch up to her brother soon! Matea was in a foster home in SC with a cat and was great with him, and we believe Mireille would also be good with cats.

Let us know if you are interested in adopting either of these wonderful puppies. If you give them a good home and lots of love, you will have a dog that loves you with all their heart!

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