Age:  2 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Border Collie/Plott Hound Mix
Size:  Medium
Dog Friendly:  Some
Cat Friendly:  Very Interested
Kid Friendly:  Unknown


Carlos is a nice dog who has made big strides since coming to our rescue. He is much calmer and gentler dog than when he first arrived. While in foster he was house trained with good house manners. He does like to be with his people and not a fan of being left out of the action or crated but he is learning and was making good progress in his foster home. While he likes to play with other dogs we think he was not socialized very well so some dogs don't appreciate his awkward body language but others he gets along fine with. At his heart he is a sweet dog who loves his people. Given a little love he'll magnify it and give it back.

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