Frenchy - Adopted on 9/8/2018

Age:  About 2 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Boxer/Terrier Mix


Frenchy is a playful, super-affectionate love bug and cuddle bunny with a heart of gold. She adores humans and other dogs and exudes joy wherever she goes. She was sent to HART from a South Carolina shelter that held her off the euthanasia list because they couldn't bear to put down such a wonderful canine. Frenchy is housebroken, crate trained and hasn't chewed up anything at her foster home. She will follow a human from room to room, radiates bliss curled up next to someone and getting neck scratches and belly rubs, and will be utterly content sacking out with her head on a lap. She will press her back against the back of anyone who lets her up on a bed, but will also make do with a doggie bed or crate.

Frenchy is a quiet dog but will let you know if she sees a squirrel, cat, etc. She knows to sit and shake and has decent leash manners. She is not a resource guarder and doesn't protest if another dog wanders over to her food bowl or if someone takes a toy from her. Given how eager she is to please, additional training won't be hard. A young dog, she has energy to burn and will need regular exercise. She'll gladly play with other dogs and go on walks/hikes. She's been a perfect houseguest at her foster home and will be an incredibly devoted canine in a forever home. This special girl just wants to belong and to share her boundless love.

Frenchy's fosters are happy to answer any questions, and Frenchy would love to meet you at a Saturday adoption event!

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