Benito - Adopted on 3/20/2018

Age:  1 year
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Chihuahua


Benito is a little dog with a BIG personality. He is very happy, very active and very quick to speak his mind. He loves to meet people and he loves to roughhouse, and run and play and will take the opportunity to play with cats this way if they don't tell him to stop. (he is not cat aggressive - just doesn't seem to know the difference) Benito is crate trained and mostly house trained and by that I mean he totally knows that he is supposed to go outside but he sometimes forgets to remind his person that he has to go. As with any puppy he just needs a schedule and more frequent out door opportunities to keep him on target. Benito is a bit stubborn however and will do best in a home that gives him rules and structure. As with many small dogs, the more coddling and carrying and cuddling he gets, the worse he is likely to behave. Benito is a smart guy and may make a great agility dog and would make a great walking companion.

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