Mickey A - Adopted on 6/16/2018

Age:  About 3 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Pitbull/Lab Mix


Mickey was locked in an abandoned car during frigid weather, and was left to starve and freeze to death. How anyone could do that to any dog, much less one as sweet as Mickey, we just don't understand. When Mickey was found, he was so thin you could see every rib and every bone in his spine. He has gained about 20 pounds and he looks like the gorgeous, healthy, athletic dog he was meant to be.

Despite that awful experience, Mickey is a wonderful boy. He is sweet, playful, affectionate, very gentle with children, and friendly and playful with other dogs. He was calm and interested in a friendly way when introduced to cats in the shelter, but his energy level, which is high, may be too much for some of them. He is housetrained and is working on his crate-training. He loves attention and is so earnest in his efforts to please you that it will melt your heart. He is still young and has a lot of energy, and he needs to learn some manners, but he wants so much to be with you and to be a good boy he would be a pleasure to train. Mickey is very smart, and learned sit and down in no time at all. He would excel in obedience classes and probably in many other areas, including possibly agility. He would love to have a friendly, playful, energetic doggy companion, but would also be quite happy being an only dog and soaking up all the love and attention from an active person or family. He's also a great snuggler and very affectionate.

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