Sassy A - Adopted on 8/18/2018

Age:  About 4 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Jack Russell Terrier Mix


Sassy's favorite place to be is in your arms! She is a little shy at times, but is really comfortable being held or sitting in your lap. Sassy is like a dog who has been "mistreated" she has not had the consistent, loving parents a dog needs, so she's always worried whether she's doing the right thing and is overly anxious to please her parents. When Sassy learns that she has done the right thing, she is overjoyed with her behavior and can't stop showing hoe much she loves you. You want a cuddler? That's Sassy. You want a companion for walks/runs? That's Sassy. I have rarely seen a dog that is so anxious to please and gets so much enjoyment out of succeeding than Sassy.

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