Saphira - Adopted on 5/10/2019

Age:  About 2 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Pitbull Mix


Saphira is a sweet dog who loves other dogs and children. Her owner tried to do right by her but could not afford to keep her let alone get her spayed. Her children got Saphira for her as a puppy when her husband died. When her son moved home with an male dog that was not neutered, Saphira had her first litter and the puppies were given away. When Saphira got pregnant again she went to live with a friend who sold her puppies. As if that was not bad enough Saphira developed a severe case of Mastitis and nearly lost her life. When one of our wonderful volunteers got the call from the woman asking if we could help we did not hesitate. We wanted to make sure that this sweet dog would not get pregnant again. In addition, we could not bear the thought of more unwanted pit puppies being "sold" to whoever came along. It is now Saphira's time to be healthy and have a life of her own. Just look at this sweet face of hers. She has so much love to give! If you would like to meet Saphira please let us know. She is a real gem of a pup!

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