Pinky - Adopted on 6/8/2019

Age:  About 8 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Pitbull Mix


Pinky is practically perfect and a hero! She's well behaved and has a heart of gold and boundless love for everyone. She gets along great with two dogs in her foster home, where she has had zero potty accidents and zero chewing incidents. Gentle and quiet, she does great with free roam of the house but is also crate-trained. Pinky bonds quickly with people and is supremely devoted. She'll be your shadow in the house and convey that her life is complete with you near. She'll curl up next to you when you watch TV and exude bliss getting neck scratches or belly rubs. Pinky has been a mama and is patient with little ones, people and canines alike.

And... she's a hero dog. Years ago, she saved her previous owner's life when he fell out of a boat. Pinky jumped in after him and helped keep him afloat and get him to shore. How did he repay her? He abandoned Pinky in an empty house. Animal control found her and contacted the owner, but he said he didn't want her anymore. Hard to fathom but true.

Now Pinky needs a hero who will provide a loving permanent home. Pinky came to HART overweight and with skin allergies. She has lost weight with regular walks and limiting food intake. Her skin has improved a ton with medication and a special diet. She is being weaned off the medication but will need to continue the special (and pricey) diet indefinitely.

Bravery. Devotion. Terrific manners. Total Love Bug. Pinky has it all. All that's missing is a new owner to be her hero.

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