McFlurry - Adopted on 6/22/2019

Age:  About 8 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Pomeranian Mix


This little treat was shy at first, but with the help of her loving foster mom she quickly showed her amazing personality. She is independent and loves playing with toys and going for walks. She can go outside and take care of business quickly then come back in and beg for a treat! McFlurry is not demanding but who could say no to that face? She has such unique coloring and fur, which will need to be taken care of to keep that silky smooth fluffy look! She is a darling dog has a lot of manners including being housebroken. She will come to you for pets and then just hang out with you when you are binging Netflix . She loves her crate as well and even knows the command "go in your crate". She is a sound sleeper and only barks when she is mega excited that there might be someone at the door to give her treats. Kids love her and she doesn't mind them at all. She also loves her food and scratches on her fluffy back. She is a great overall dog who knows how to do dog things. She comes running over to meet you at the door and loves when you let her give you kisses on the hand .

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