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Charles - Adopted on 4/17/2021

Age:  About 2 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Beagle Mix


***No Longer Accepting New Applications for This Dog*** Charles is a bouncy, playful pup. He is a sweet boy. He's a little on the shy side but really likes attention.

From the foster: He had a couple accidents in the house the first evening but he's been good since then. I think he just needs regular trips outside to remind him. I gave him a bath and he was very good about it. He likes toys. He loves playing with other dogs. He was a little intimidated by my big dogs at first and would yelp if one of them rolled him in play but he would jump right back in the fray after that! He sleeps on a dog bed in our room at night and rarely moves. I've heard him bark a few times, usually when my big barker gets the rest stirred up.

He can stand on his hind legs when he wants to see something on the table. It's so cute. He looks like a little prairie dog. I can get him to sit for a treat but he doesn't know the command yet. I think he'll be easy to train. He likes to go for walks and gets excited when he sees squirrels. Overall, a great little dog