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Rascal L - Adopted on 9/15/2021

Age:  About 1 year
Gender:  Male
Breed:  German Shepherd Mix


Rascal is an energetic young dog dedicated to earning his family's approval. He is easy to train and takes corrections well. Rascal is well behaved in the house. He is house trained, crate trained and does not chew. He has mastered sitting for his dinner until he is released to eat. Rascal showed some interest in the cat initially, but quickly moved on. He gets along well with most dogs, but does need a controlled introduction. He growls and barks at dogs that bark at him, but often does well with those same dogs once the barking is under control. He loves to play with the other playful dog in his foster home.

Rascal is nervous with new people, particularly men, but it seems to be limited to people coming into his home. He was a little protective of his foster mom at first and sometimes barked or growled at his foster dad, but quickly learned not to. After a week or two, he was happy to have his foster dad's attention too. As he gets more comfortable and learns what is not acceptable, barking at guests is diminishing. Once he sniffs everyone, he often settles down. When nervous or overwhelmed, he lays down in his crate. He does well with adults and children approaching to pet him while out walking.

Rascal is so eager to please that turning him into the perfect family member should be quick work for a dedicated owner. He just needs consistency and practice!