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Smokey and Zeus

Smokey D (Adopted on 10/3/2021), Zeus D (Adopted on 10/3/2021)

Smokey D

Zeus D

Age:  6 months
Gender:  2 males
Breed:  DSH


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Zeus and Smokey are 2 adorable brothers! While they have similar likes: love to play with any moving toy, love running around chasing each other and wrestling, love taking naps in the sunshine and both LOVE getting cuddles from their foster family, they also have different personalities: Zeus (tiger striped) is more independent and doesn't mind finding a nice comfortable spot on the couch to nap by himself. Smokey (grey striped) on the other hand craves attention more and will cry if he can't find someone to cuddle with. Together these 2 make the best combination of kittens!