Discovery Station Kittens

Ophelia (Adopted on 2/12/2017)

Age:  Approx. 2 years

Gender:  1 female

Breed:  DSH/Calico Mix

Ophelia, Ojos and Oliver were living in a cat colony near a busy road in Loudoun County. They were captured as part of a program to trap, spay/neuter and release them, but when the trappers saw how young they were, it was decided to try to socialize them.

Ophelia, by far, is the most social of the bunch. She likes to hide in her cat tree, but when you pick her up to love on her, she melts right into you. She will also chirp at you to let you know if she needs something. She will need a home with another cat and with someone who will continue to work with her on her socialization skills. Her favorite position is to be on the back of your shoulders, so be prepared for some serious love-bombs!

Ojos has come a long way since being trapped. He can be picked up and snuggles on your lap, but he is still learning to relax in a noisy home environment. He's a sweet boy, with beautiful big eyes, who needs some more time with his socialization skills. Neither he, nor Oliver, are ready for adoption yet, but keep checking back!