Asher (Chestnut) - Adopted on 3/3/2018

Age:  2 years

Gender:  Male

Breed:  Jack Russell Terrier/Lab Mix

Chestnut is a cute 36 lb, 9-month old pup. We think he is part Lab and either Schnauzer or Jack Russell Terrier mix as he has a wiry, low shedding coat. He is a very, very energetic dog who loves to play with his chew toys, spend time outdoors and go for walks. He does well with a consistent schedule, is potty-trained and crate-trained. He is smart and currently knows how to sit, lay, and other tricks. Chestnut is very healthy, neutered, and up to date on all vaccinations. He eats a regular dry food diet. He loves to play catch, frisbee, and run around in a fenced in back yard with supervision. He does have some trouble with separation anxiety, and he tends to bark reactively and pull towards other dogs and some strangers when on walks. Asher/Chestnut needs an experienced owner that will be consistent and patient and will able to give him lots of positive attention. He is a working dog at heart and would do great with agility training or other highly interactive training classes. He has completed basic puppy training class, and it is recommended for him to have further socialization and training with a gentle leader head collar, due to his reactivity to some dogs and strangers when out on walks. He is loving, gives kisses, is gentle with older children, however we would not recommended for kids under 16, as he still pulls on leash, jumps up on people and races around the house when he hasn't gotten enough exercise. A tired Chestnut is a happy Chestnut.