Age:  2 years

Gender:  Male

Breed:  Border Collie/Plott Hound Mix

Size:  Medium

Dog Friendly:  No

Cat Friendly:  Very Interested

Kid Friendly:  Unknown

Carlos is a nice dog who is transitioning into home life well. He seems to be house trained, he isn't interested in getting into anything or chewing or stealing anything. He'll gently peak up on the counters, but more from curiosity than trying to steal things, and he gets right down when you tell him no. He wants to be with you every second, so we are working on having him behind a gate when cooking, etc, and having him calm down and lay down. He tends to pace and whine if he's not with you. He has no interest in escaping (over a fence) but if someone left him unattended outside and he got worried, he might try to "find" them by jumping, or follow them if they go out a gate. He is attentive and would probably have good recall, but he might chase something, or run to a dog.I am crating him for a few hours every day. At first he objects very loudly, but then he settles. He really wants to play with other dogs, he doesn't have great dog manners yet, so he may ruffle some feathers. He can be boisterous with little dogs and With big dogs, he's learning. .

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