Lisbeth - Adopted on 1/12/2018

Age:  4 years

Gender:  Female

Breed:  Lab Mix

Lisbeth is the dog you have been looking for!! Her favorite things in the world besides getting pets from you is getting MORE pets from you! She is so happy when people come by to say hello - her little tail will not stop wagging. She also digs on some good old fashioned fetch and will even carry her beloved ball around with her. This girl is not also a genuine beauty, but borderline genius. No she can't make you pizza, yet, but she picks up commands in no time. Her sleepy time command is "IN" where she will just retire for the evening in her crate and snooze soundly. Who knows what you'll be able to teach her? She's also a true lady in that she can hold her liquids as well! But hey, no one is perfect (she is quite close), and she does have a slight limp. But it doesn't affect any part of her and only adds to her one of a kindness! Run, don't walk for your chance to meet this super wonderful lady dog who will love you forever!