Basille - Adopted on 2/3/2018

Age:  2 years

Gender:  Female

Breed:  Hound Mix

Basille is a wonderful young hound with a keen mind and a heart looking for someone to love and be loved in return. Basille is house trained and knows the basic commands such as sit, stay, and lay down. She learns incredibly quickly and we so in just a few weeks started been working on come, which, when in confined environments she always obeys. In the yard...not so much. She is good with other dogs and, while in a loving home, has shown no aggression around food or otherwise. Basille does well with all sizes of dogs, small and large, but loves to play and will instigate a game of chase with anyone in the dogs parks. As with most hounds Basille has some energy, likes to chew, and does not like being alone. Unlike most hounds Basille is very quiet! She is a little squirrel and bird crazy so she will bark out the window at those.

Basille needs a little TLC- she recently lost a lot of weight after changing homes but is now working on gaining the weight back. She would do best in a home with another dog to help with her separation anxiety, along with crating. She needs a moderate amount of exercise with which she is the perfect family dog! Loving, caring, and curious about everything the world has to offer!

Come meet Basille on Saturday at Petco!