Age:  About 2 years

Gender:  Male

Breed:  Foxhound Mix

Size:  Medium

Dog Friendly:  Yes

Cat Friendly:  Unknown

Kid Friendly:  Unknown

True to my breed, I am a goofy-fun, loving hound and may greet you with a polite paw shake! I enjoy the great outdoors and, when running around, my abundant ears gleefully flap in the wind and I often get the zoomies. I walk nicely on the leash and a perfect day would be a long walk followed by snoozing in the sunshine or curling up on a soft bed. I am always up for an adventure just open the car door and - vroom, vroom, I am ready to go! I enjoy the company of other dogs and love to chase and be chased - play growling all the while. Like many dogs, I have some quirks, but, overall, I am very affectionate and will lavish you with affection and, in turn, would welcome ear scratches and belly rubs. Some hounds are known for being somewhat "talkative" but not me - I am quiet and even lived in an apartment for several months without any noise issues. Hounds are also known for relishing food and, to that, I plead "guilty" for I do, indeed, love my food. That said, I sit for all meals and take treats very nicely. How can you resist this adorable guy? Just say the word and I would love to meet you!

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