Blu - Adopted on 7/13/2023

Age:  4 years

Gender:  Male

Breed:  American Staffordshire Terrier Mix

Blu is irresistible! He is resilient, exuberant, and 100% charming. Blu's love for people and love for life is infectious. Who needs a cuddle and a big kiss? Blu loves to cuddle and give kisses anyone up for a big smooch! When we got Blu, his front foot was dangling, held together by only skin - the bones were crushed. His front leg was just hanging. Our vets told us the radial nerve was destroyed. The vets believed Blu got his front foot caught in a trap and that he struggled for days to get free, further crushing the bones in his foot. The pulling to free himself from the trap destroyed his radial nerve. What he went through during those days as he struggled to get free and to survive is awful. When the shelter found him in Nov. of 2022, he was emaciated. Animal control knew who his "person" was and that they left him like trash, to fend for himself. This nightmare would have haunted most of us forever. Not Blu! He just wants to give and receive love. Given the damage to his leg and foot, at the recommendations of our vets, his leg was amputated. This has not slowed him down one bit! Blu is easy to be around and is easy-going with other dogs and children. He is housetrained, rides perfectly in the car, is crate trained, knows basic commands, and sleeps great through the night. Blu is a constant reminder of perseverance and optimism and strength in the face of obstacles and worse. If you are interested in meeting Blu and up for a gentle but big kiss, just let us know.