Anna Lee - Adopted on 6/27/2023

Age:  About 1 year

Gender:  Female

Breed:  Hound Mix

Anna Lee is such a special girl we had to give her a middle name! Here is what her foster mom wrote to us about this delightful pup: "If Anna Lee had a wish list of the things she wanted in her forever home, a friendly playful dog and a child would be on top. She loves all the dogs she meets and enjoys the children in her foster home. She is a sweet and fun-loving puppy. She is smart and wants to please. She has learned to "sit" just by watching other dogs in the house! She probably would make a great running partner someday. She loves to play with other dogs and go on walks. She walks fine on leash. I walk her with one of my dogs and she is a fast learner. After just 30 min. of running or play she sleeps for a few hours. She is crate trained and fully house trained. She is very young and still a puppy so we are working on training her to only chew things that are appropriate. I LOVE fostering her. Poor thing didn't know what grass is and she acts as if she never had people food! She got to finish half of a chicken nugget and the look on her face was priceless! She is a delightful happy little soul and I hope she gets her wish of at least another dog if not a child in her forever home." If you are interested in Anna Lee please let us know. She would love to meet you!