Age:  About 2 years

Gender:  Female

Breed:  Hound Mix

Size:  47 lbs

Dog Friendly:  Yes

Cat Friendly:  Unknown

Kid Friendly:  Probably!

Hi, my name is Bessie, and I want to introduce myself to you. I ended up at a rural shelter with my eight puppies. They were born in April and we were in a home but the people said they could not afford us anymore so they took me and my puppies to a shelter.

It was a scary and noisy place for me and I could tell my puppies were scared too. Since my puppies were over three months old they kept them separated from me. I guess this was okay because they never left me alone for a minute but I still miss them and worry about them. I was told that since my time was up that the nice people from HART would rescue me so I was safe. They got my puppies out too! Anyway, I am a calm dog and the people at the kennel tell me every day what "good dog" or "good girl" I am. They are so nice! I like to be in the play yard and I am very nice to the dogs all around me at the kennel. I am told that I am so sweet and friendly and have a "perfect" disposition. The people at the kennel marvel at how clean I am and that I always make sure to go potty outside. I like attention and love to be petted but I am not annoying about that (as some I know are 😉,,). I hope you will want to meet me. I sure would love to meet you!

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