Age:  7 years

Gender:  Female

Breed:  Hound Mix

Size:  About 50 lbs

Dog Friendly:  Yes

Cat Friendly:  Yes

Kid Friendly:  Older Children

Bangles news flash!! On a scale from 1 to 10, my foster mommy and daddy report that my house manners rate a perfect 100 percent - off the charts. I am completely housebroken, not the least bit destructive, relaxed, and quiet. For the most part, I am perfectly content just snoozing away on my bed or keeping you company by your side. In addition, I am a generous kisser and, in turn, appreciate the occasional belly rub. When outdoors, I am more alert and can be a bit wary of new people and dogs. However, after a short walk, I warm up quickly and, over the years, have successfully lived with multiple people and multiple dogs. I really, really enjoy basking in the sunshine - whether it be outdoors or even indoors. When indoors, I actively seek rays of light beaming through the windows and settle on spot where I can capture the warmth of the glowing sun. Sometimes I even move my bed to the sun-filled location - it really is adorable. I love going for walks and have nice leash manners - even my foster mom, who is a bit of a waif (sorry, mom) can walk me with ease and I easily correct, if needed. My foster mom and dad are absolutely smitten with me and welcome the opportunity to share my wonderful, affectionate, and humorous qualities with others.

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