Sponsor A Pet

What It Is

Sponsor-A-Pet was created to benefit all the animals within the HART family. When you sponsor an animal, your donation is used to benefit HART as an organization - and that in turn helps all the dogs and cats in the family.

Some animals are adopted quickly and some, who may be a little harder to place, stay with HART for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, when they come to HART, many of our dogs need significant medical attention immediately.

All donations will go directly for vet visits, medication, food, bedding, treats and anything else that may be needed to help those dogs and cats lucky enough to find themselves in the loving arms of HART.

You can sponsor a pet in memory of or in honor of someone. It's a wonderful way to remember a beloved person or pet. It also makes a nice gift for an animal-lover. Your name will appear in the sponsored pet's listing and on our Sponsored Pets page. HART will notify the person you specify of your donation. Note that a pet may be sponsored by more than 1 person! And, if you prefer, you may sponsor a pet anonymously.

How It Works

Donate $10 per month, per pet, for a three (3) month minimum commitment. (Total of $30.00/pet for three (3) months.)

  • You will be contacted within a few days of HART receiving your completed form and check or money-order.
  • You are welcome to email the Sponsor-A-Pet coordinator at any time for an update on your sponsored dog or cat.
  • Should your pet be adopted within the three (3) month sponsorship period, you will be notified and you are then welcome to choose another pet to finish out your sponsorship period.

Submitting a sponsorship

Use PayPal to Sponsor-A-Pet! You may sponsor a pet with a one-time donation or have PayPal set up automatic monthly payments (subscriptions). You need to have a PayPal account for the automatic payments. You do not need a PayPal account to make a one-time donation with a credit card.

You may use PayPal and complete our Online Sponsor-A-Pet Form. The form will be automatically sent to the Sponsor-A-Pet coordinator, who will be in touch soon.

Alternatively, you may print the Printer-Friendly Sponsor-A-Pet Form, fill it out and mail it to the address below with a check or money order. The Sponsor-A-Pet coordinator will be in touch with you soon after the form reaches our office.

   HART Sponsor-A-Pet
   PO Box 7261
   Fairfax Station, VA 22039

Should you have any questions regarding the program, please contact the HART Office.

Thank you for choosing to sponsor a pet!! HART appreciates your generosity and so do the animals!!!

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