HART's Special Needs Pets

Special Needs Pets

HART often rescues dogs or cats that are in desperate need of medical care.  Many of the dogs and cats will need to be housed for several weeks before they can appear on the web pages and be adopted.  The veterinary care is expensive and we must rely on your donations to cover the costs.

special donation or sponsorship to help with some of these costs would mean a lot to one of these "special" guys - and to HART.  Or maybe you can help in another way.  Do you have some free time?  Would you be willing to foster a special dog or cat and gain the satisfaction of nursing him/her back to health?  Or maybe you are available to transport them to and from vet visits.  These are all wonderful animals looking for a little extra help.

These Special Needs pets are currently under HART's care

The Squittens
Please keep reading. Flower and Thumper are incredibly loving cats. We know that there is someone out there for such a very, very special duo. This brother and sister pair have radial hypoplasia, a condition where they were born with abnormally short and twisted forelimbs. Despite this, they live a typical indoor kitty life. They are mobile, use the litter box, and can jump up on the sofa or bed to snuggle with their humans, which is by far their favorite thing to do! If you are curious to know more about Flower and Thumper, please do reach out to us!

The Squittens is available for adoption. Click here for more information.

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Brady R
Brady has anxiety issues and will mark and have accidents. He needs to be taken outside at least every 4 hours to ensure there are no accidents. He also has a hard time adapting to change.

Brady R is available for adoption. Click here for more information.

Brady R is sponsored by: Anonymous
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Saphira is a beautiful blue-eyed white cat who loves nothing more than sleeping in the sun. As most white, blue-eyed cats, she is deaf and needs to be warned before you approach her - tapping on the sofa/table/windowsill seems to be enough. She purrs constantly and loves to rub up against you and will cuddle in your lap once she gets to know you- but doesn't so much like to be picked up. She would do best as a single cat with a very patient and understanding owner. She may take a while to settle in, but she is guaranteed to steal your heart.

Saphira is available for adoption. Click here for more information.

Saphira is sponsored by: Chrystine Woodstock, in memory of Pebbles, Willow, and Lovey
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