HART's Special Needs Pets

Special Needs Pets

HART often rescues dogs or cats that are in desperate need of medical care.  Many of the dogs and cats will need to be housed for several weeks before they can appear on the web pages and be adopted.  The veterinary care is expensive and we must rely on your donations to cover the costs.

special donation or sponsorship to help with some of these costs would mean a lot to one of these "special" guys - and to HART.  Or maybe you can help in another way.  Do you have some free time?  Would you be willing to foster a special dog or cat and gain the satisfaction of nursing him/her back to health?  Or maybe you are available to transport them to and from vet visits.  These are all wonderful animals looking for a little extra help.

These Special Needs pets are currently under HART's care

Min Twins
This adorable special needs pair has everyone that meets them falling in love with them. Miss Maggie is so sweet and friendly. She loves to explore and enjoys attention, cuddles and love from humans. What strangers?? Everyone is her best bud! Mr Magoo came in with Miss Maggie and he is blind and mostly deaf, for this reason we thinks its important that he stay with Miss Maggie who has been his constant. Despite decreased senses he still gets very excited for his meal time and loves getting attention and pets from people. He would love nothing more then to be a lap dog and or be carried around like the little prince he is.

For more information about Min Twins, please contact KristenD.

Min Twins are sponsored by: Anonymous in Memory of Jack and Vinnie; and by Bougie Boos
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Tiff is a friendly and affectionate snuggle bug who LOVES people - even the vet, whose face she licked while being examined! She is easy to fall in love with and has captured many hearts. She loves going on walks, lying outside in the sun, and snuggling of course. She sometimes does her best lap dog impression!

Tiff is wonderful with kids! She is in a foster home with a 4 year old boy and has spent time with other small kids as well. She is house trained and crate trained. She loves sleeping with her people at night but also does fine sleeping in a crate. She does fine being home alone for the work day with a mid-day walk. She gets along best with submissive dogs and did fine with the 8 lb dog in her previous foster home. She loves being the only dog in her current foster home.

Tiff has a rare heart condition but she is doing great - she is currently asymptomatic and not on any medication, and we hope this will be the case until she is a senior. She also has glaucoma which is stable. She gets eye drops twice a day which she patiently sits still for. She has some vision loss but gets around very well, including in new places, and she has had no problem navigating a home with stairs.

For more information about Tiff, please contact NevilleW.

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Meet "Rumple"! This beautiful cat was found outside as a stray, covered in fleas and having had to defend herself against predators. She is a tailless Manx breed, which are known to be smart, very affectionate, to get along with children, and very loyal. Rumple's foster mom agrees with this...she is followed everywhere when Rumple is not basking in the sun or sitting on the couch or her lap. Rumple loves to just hang with her people, explore and play, take naps, watch squirrels...well, she IS a happy cat!

Rumple has moderate Manx Syndrome, in which a few bones in her lower spine are missing along with her tail. It gives her a unique walking gait and adds to her charm. She has minor incontinence, which her foster says does not slow her down or cause much mess. Come meet this special girl!

Rumple is available for adoption. Click here for more information.

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