Cross-Post Guidelines

We are happy to cross-post a few pets at a time for other rescue groups to give those pets a better chance at finding new homes. However, because many of our applicants do not readily grasp the concept of a cross-post and think these are "HART dogs and cats," we require the following from groups that cross-post with us:

  • Rescue groups must be responsive to inquires they receive via the HART website. When they are not, it reflects negatively on HART.

  • Rescue groups may not solicit funds for their pets via the HART website. By virtue of the inherently confusing nature of cross-posts, this creates additional confusion with applicants and supporters, both HART's and the cross-poster's.

  • Rescue groups must adopt out responsibly, which includes requiring pets be spayed or neutered, interviewing applicants, visiting the applicants' homes, and obtaining veterinary references.

Failure to meet any of these requirements will result in HART's refusal to cross-post for an adoption organization.