Volunteers Under Age 18

Below is a list of ways you can help HART. We always appreciate help! We will be happy to sign any community service hours so that you get credit for the time spent on these projects. You can indicate how you'd like to help on our Volunteer Profile.

  • Special Dog Adoption Days. Occasionally we hold dog adoptions at venues other than Petco and Petsmart. At those events, we welcome all volunteers over 16, and under age 16 when accompanied by an adult.

  • The HART cat program welcomes all volunteers age 13 and up to assist at our Cat Adoption Events! Volunteers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. See our Cat Adoption Day Schedule for upcoming dates and contact info for volunteers.

  • Start a canned pet food drive.

  • Collect some of the most needed items we need to help care for the dogs and cats (see our Wish List). This can be done through your neighborhood, school, church, etc. You'll notice that there are a few very large items on the list. Perhaps you could do a fund raiser to raise money to help HART purchase these items.

  • Create public awareness about HART by putting up fliers in your neighborhood, at stores or at your vet. We can send you these via email.

  • Coordinate a visit of a HART representative to your school to educate kids on the benefits of rescuing animals.

  • Spare Change Drive. Send an e-mail, drop a postcard, or talk with your friends and family. You can approach people at home, your extended family, school, church/synagogue, etc. Just ask them to donate their "spare change." Almost everyone has a drawer or a jar or a box where they throw their spare change. And it starts to add up. Ask as many people as you can. And you may be able to get some of your friends and family to ask their friends. Then collect it up and wrap it. With effort on your part, you can collect hundreds of dollars to help the HART dogs and cats. By way of showing people what their money will be used for, please have as many people as you can visit the HART web site!