Rubys Gypsy - Adopted on 12/17/2016

Age:  2 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Hound


We saved the best for last!! Gypsy is one of 8 (!) gorgeous Walker Coonhounds born to Mama Ruby. These poor pups were unwanted and left to rot in a rural shelter because they were covered in mange and probably just too much of an effort for someone. They were so close to becoming a dismal rescue statistic until HART stepped in and saw their natural beauty and sweet personalities. After much care and vetting, these pups each got adopted one by one.

Gypsy is the last one of these fantastic dogs and boy is she wonderful! While she is the smallest (not by much) of her siblings, she packs the biggest of personalities once she gets to know you. She's what you might want to call an extroverted introvert (who can't relate to that?), but once you have gained her trust, she is yours!! However, she is still very wary of small children so those homes with older or none are best. This smart girl is also house trained (YEEEESSSSS) and crate trained, but her best trick is curling up next to you. When not by your side, she's pretty social with other canines and tries to get in as many playdates as her calendar allows. So, pencil our Saturday adoption event into your plans and don't miss your chance to find a bestie that will always be game for doing anything with you.

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