Age:  About 9 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Boxer
Size:  Large
Dog Friendly:  No small dogs please
Cat Friendly:  Unknown
Kid Friendly:  Seems to be


Loralie loves to be loved. She adores snuggles, ear rubs, and kisses. She is one of the few dogs we have ever met that actually enjoys restraining hugs. Loralie is happiest with people but has learned to live with her foster brother and sister and will even try to play with them from time to time. She has a strong prey drive which makes games of chase and fetch lots of fun but this also means that she doesn't do as well with small dogs.... or squirrels.

Loralie is an absolute lady in the house. She is crate trained but quickly adapted to free roam of the house in her foster home. Her "happy dance" will fill your heart when you come home each day! Would you like a playful, loving, mature companion? Come and meet Loralie!

This dog is sponsored by: Lyon Family, in memory of Rocky and Toby, and in honor of Sam

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