Marti - Adopted on 7/8/2017

Age:  About 2 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Terrier Mix


Marti just loves belly-rubs and food! She's easy to please and would love nothing more than to hang out with you! She is very curious pup about wants to make friends with everyone. She also quite enjoys chasing squirrels, birds and even bugs! She is super smart and loves being with kids. Her excitability does sometimes have her forget her manners and she will jump on people to greet them, but she is quick to learn that that is not something she should be doing regularly. For Marti, training should be done on an individual basis and not in a group setting as she gets super excited seeing other dogs and children. She is definitely the kid that was always in trouble for talking too much in class!

She is mostly housetrained, but may need a reminder or two. However she does let you know when she has to go, so pay attention! She is also not a fan of household chore machines (who is?) and will be a little shy around the vacuum cleaner, lawn mower, etc.

So come on and don't miss your chance at happiness. This social butterfly craves interaction and would make a darling playmate for you or another playful dog. She is the reason walking and jogging were invented!

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