Chloe 2

Age:  Approx. 11 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  DSH
Declawed:  no
Dog Friendly:  Yes
Cat Friendly:  Yes
Kid Friendly:  Yes
Boarding Location: Foster Home


Chloe is a sweet, unusual reverse tortoiseshell with 2 peanut butter paws, and who wags her tail HARD, like a dog, because she gets so excited to see you! She loves to climb - on a window, onto a shelf, but most of all onto your lap, hip, shoulders -she's not picky. She's a tiny girl, and she declares her space by approaching your other cats and saying 'this is mine! 'She does not fight, but sometimes chases - it's all a game. Chloe is not shy. She loves to play with toys, and will keep herself amused with mice (real or fake), chasing crickets, and more toys. She loves to sleep in the sun, chase treats, did I say, sleep on your lap. As long as you ask her permission, she loves to be picked up, and her head to be scratched and petted. She's a happy-go-lucky gal who just wants to be home. Please call to come see her entertain you!

This cat is sponsored by: Ashburn Conversant Team; and by Anonymous, in memory of Chloe

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