Atticus - Adopted on 9/17/2017

Age:  5 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Rottweiler/Boxer Mix


Atticus came to us from a shelter in South Carolina where he was "a favorite of the shelter staff". After we agreed to rescue him, he went into a foster home in S.C. until he was transported to HART. The foster mom used "sweet" so much to describe him, we thought me might be made of chocolate! Seriously, here is what she said of Atticus: "Atticus is very sweet! Loves to cuddle and thinks he's a lap dog. Very well mannered, comes, sits, and does well left at home alone. He loves people! He is very, very sweet!" He loves to "Play fetch and lay in your lap." "Extremely social. Loves attention." "He loves to run around in a fenced yard, does well left alone and loves attention." And finally: "He is so sweet!" Let us know if you are interested in this very sweet boy who just might be made of chocolate.

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