Brandon - Adopted on 2/7/2017

Age:  About 4 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  DSH


Are you looking for personality? You'll get loads of it from Brandon. He's a happy, playful, joyful, and a gorgeous cat! He's a big boy (or a mini jaguar) with a phenomenally smooth coat you'll want to pet all day. He loves his toys and is quite entertaining. Brandon will need daily play time with you or other pet - although he'd like to have turns with everyone. His favorite activity is pouncing on and wrestling his foster brother down (his foster brother is not a fan). Brandon would be great with anyone, whether it be animals or people. In fact, if you have a pet or are considering adopting two, he would really like a kitty, and possibly a dog, buddy, not only to play with but also to cuddle. He's very good about using the litter box and an overall low maintenance cat. Brandon is quite sweet and lovable, and will bring joy to your family and home.

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