Suzy - Adopted on 8/12/2017

Age:  About 8 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Hound Mix


Suzy is an excellent gal: very mild mannered, very quiet. She is the perfect blend of energy outside the house and calm inside. A real cuddle-bug, she loves attention. Suzy is also house trained and does well when home alone without being crated. She is also wonderful with her foster mom's 2 year old nephew!

Suzy also loves music!! Her foster mom says Suzy loves to hear the piano - even when played badly! She makes a face when you stop playing! playing piano or any musical instrument is not a prerequisite to giving her a great home. She likes to be talked to or sung to also and everyone can do that!

Suzy would do well in just about any type of household: high energy or laid-back. If you want a dog that is always happy to see you, loves long walks, and eats up all the love you can give her, come meet Suzy. She's truly a sweetheart!

She gets along with most dogs, but not all of them, so if you have another dog, bring your pooch out to meet Suzy, and make some new friends!

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