Diesl - Adopted on 8/19/2017

Age:  8 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Beagle


Diesl, a pure bred beagle, is one happy hound! Diesl came to HART showing signs of a rough life, including a torn ear and a bad wound on his neck, but those hardships are fully healed and a distant memory now. Come meet him at one of our Petco adoption events and he'll greet you with full-body wiggles and a happy smile. Gentle and loving, Diesl enjoys attention and company, spending as much time close to humans and his foster brother as he can. At 7, he still has a playful streak and enjoys his toys as well as friendly play with his dog friends. Diesl loves going on walks and hikes, and does very well on a leash. He is extremely good with friendly children and has won many fans among the kids in his foster family's neighborhood. Diesl is a special boy who melts the hearts of all who meet him.

Diesl is quite physically fit for a 7 year old, but, sadly, does have a heart condition that will require surgery for him to live a full, healthy life. He is not yet neutered because it is not safe to anesthetize him until his heart is repaired. However, with surgery to repair his heart valve and just a little extra TLC, his prognosis for a full, healthy life is very good. He is such a great dog and will make someone very, very happy for many years to come will it be you?

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