Sammy - Adopted on 3/4/2017

Age:  3 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Lab/Hound Mix


The vet who saw Sammy said of him: "He is one very special and sweet dog!" Sammy was a 911/SOS plea from a S.C. shelter. A family had adopted him as a pup a year ago and had to return him when they were forced to move for financial reasons. After arriving at the shelter, the staff noticed he was having a hard time eating. Then the next day he was having difficulty drinking. Finally, his breathing started to be impaired. The shelter sent out an urgent request for rescue to agree to take him so they could get him to the emergency vet. We agreed and the vet did emergency surgery to remove an abcess in his throat that was obstructing his breathing. Turns out Sammy had been bitten by something poisonous (snake or insect, we will never know). He has recovered great from his surgery and is staying clear of snakes and dangerous insects!

Sammy LOVES other dogs and people. The people at the shelter were really in love with Sammy and were so relieved when we committed to take him. If you are interested in meeting Sammy please let us know - he promises to keep you away from dangerous critters!

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