Leon - Adopted on 4/8/2017

Age:  4 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Beagle Mix


Leon is an active dog who also knows how to hang out and chill with his person. His former fosters were heartbroken that they couldn't keep him and wanted everyone to know what a sweet and loving dog he is. He makes for a great shadow because he follows his people around everywhere. Leon makes you feel like you are the best person in the world as he is so happy to see you when you come home! He loves to go for long walks and loves playing outside, and he absolutely loves playing fetch! He doesn't chew and is not destructive and he is housetrained.

Leon is friendly with everyone he meets on his walks, but at home he wants to be the only child (furry or human), so he can soak up all the love. He needs more training, but so far he has been very receptive to it and learns quickly. He is also somewhat possessive and protective of his person and because of this he needs a more experienced dog owner.

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