Pretty Little Purrbabies

Ashlee (Adopted on 1/8/2017), Wynona (Adopted on 1/8/2017)



Age:  1 year
Gender:  2 females
Breed:  DSH


Wynona and Ashlee were found in the tack room of a barn at 3 weeks old. While it was obvious they were very well cared for by their momma, it was time for human intervention (which is probably why the mom hid them in the busy tack room to begin with!). They have been raised by humans since they were found. They love kids, dogs, other cats, humans...pretty much everybody! Wynona LOVES her sister Ashlee and would prefer to go to a home with Ashlee. Ashlee is a little bit more independent, but as you can see, loves her sister as well.

Ashlee and Wynona are eating solid food on their own and ready for their new home. They are looking for a very special home that will love them both for all the rest of their days. Can you be that family???

** Please be sure to review HART's kitten adoption policy.**

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