Cuddle Buddies

Russell (Adopted on 1/13/2017), Goose 1 (Adopted on 1/13/2017)


Goose 1

Age:  5 years, About 2 years
Gender:  2 males
Breed:  Maine Coon, DSH


Russell is a Maine Coon brown mackerel tabby.This 15.5lb hunk of love has been 100% indoors since he was born. He's shy with strangers and doesn't like to be held very long, but is very loving with familiar faces once he's adjusted.He loves lap cuddling, especially at night. He takes to men particularly well. He's been raised around small children and babies, a dog, and a cat. He prefers a quieter house and will find a hiding place is things get too noisy. He needs a companion animal since he tends to get very lonely by himself.

Goose will be a year old in early March. He has the coolest personality of any cat you'll ever met. He lets his people hold him like a baby on his back and will fall asleep purring that way. He stretches his back legs out like a frog and prefers sleeping that way. He loves attention and is definitely the alpha of our pair. He loves being petted and held, loves lap cuddles,playing,eating,loves his scratching posts and pads. He'll play fetch with his special toys.He is extremely tolerant of young children and flocks to groups of kids for pets and attention, sitting calmly in the middle of a room full of screaming, excited children who are more than happy to pet him. He loves squeezing under blankets or rugs and likes sleeping on beds with his humans. He has never met a dog, but would probably be fine with a nice one!

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