Polar - Adopted on 3/5/2017

Age:  1 year
Gender:  Male
Breed:  DSH


To sum it up, Polar is a riot. He is silly and will make you laugh all the time. He is a typical little brother who loves to poke and prod and cause trouble. He LOVES to play and rough house with other young cats, he is somewhat fearful of dogs but also quite intrigued with them and can't help but chase their tails (as long as they aren't looking at him). He can entertain himself with just about anything, a piece of fuzz, a wad of paper...he will chase it and toss it and jump around while he plays with it. Polar does have very mild cerebellar hypoplasia. It is so mild that you may not ever notice it but it adds to his charm. This is non progressive, meaning that it will never get worse. Read more at http://chcat.org/about-ch-cats/ This video captures Polar's spirit as he plays with his slightly older foster brother.

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