Molly N - Adopted on 3/25/2017

Age:  2 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Lab Mix


Molly was a bit shy and scared when she arrived. She has really come out of her shell since we have begun to show her that humans can be good and can be friends. She is a loving and playful girl. Molly is beginning to seek out people and wants affection and attention. Molly is a sweet girl and will make a wonderful addition to just about any family. Although she seems a little stand-offish with women, once she trust you, she seems to get along well with everyone. Molly is not real happy in her crate and really wants to be near her hoomans rather than in her own living quarters- so if you on't plan on loving Molly with all your being, look for a dog that needs her own space. Every week we see a change in Molly to a more relaxed and confident dog. Her foster parents (not new ones) absolutely adore her and are making great progress with her. Hurry and get in on the act.

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