Spring Blossoms

SB Aster (Adopted on 2/18/2017), SB Daisy (Adopted on 2/11/2017), SB Lotus (Adopted on 3/11/2017), SB Rose (Adopted on 2/18/2017)

SB Aster

SB Daisy

SB Lotus

SB Rose

Age:  1 year
Gender:  2 females and 2 males
Breed:  Beagle/Chihuahua Mix


These four sweethearts have had a very rough start. Their mom and one of their brothers got extremely sick, so these babies had to live in isolation for several weeks. This seems not to have affected their socialization in any way. They love to be cuddled, they get along fabulously with their siblings, they like children and are not at all frightened by people. These pups will melt the iciest heart and cheer the saddest day.

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