Shorty - Adopted on 5/13/2017

Age:  2 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Pitbull/Basset Hound Mix


This precious little low rider is cuter than we can describe. He is new to us but this is what we know so far: He is darling, funny, great with people, and very affectionate! In fact, he is so affectionate that his foster mom has nicknamed him "Love Muffin." When Shorty wants attention he will scoot across the floor on his belly with his head down and wriggle over to you for a good belly rubbing love session, or climb into your lap for a cuddle. How is that for adorable!?

He loves to go for walks, where he shows off his hound-ness by walking nose to the ground and trying to follow every interesting scent he finds. He still has a lot of puppy in him, so continued training to teach him nice manners is highly recommended. If you don't want all your neighbors to know who you are, don't adopt him because this little guy is so charming and personable everyone is going to want to be your best friend just to be able to hang out with your dog. Shorty can be choosy about his dog friends. Hey, when you've got a personality as big as Shorty's there isn't much room for another dog!

If you want to meet little Shorty let us know. Shorty wants to tell you not to delay, as everyone has told him that he is adorable! Did we tell you that already?!

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