Anastasia - Adopted on 3/11/2017

Age:  About 2 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Pitbull Mix


It was her eyes that got us. It's always their eyes. Even in a photo they can reveal so much, and her eyes showed so much sadness, so much hardship for such a young life, but a glimmer of hope that maybe this time would be different, maybe this person will be kind.

Anastasia is the sweetest girl you could hope to meet. Smart, gentle, eager to please, she wants so much for someone to love her and to be kind to her. Clearly, in the past, someone was not. She gravitates to women and children, and is initially afraid of men. Shouting and other loud noises make her dive for cover.

If you are kind and gentle and soft-spoken, she will quickly come to trust you and then her true personality blossoms, and she becomes the playful, affectionate, happy girl she wants so much to be. Anastasia loves to play fetch and go for walks or runs. She loves tummy rubs and cuddling and showing how happy she is to be with you. This girl is the total package.

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