Smiley N - Adopted on 5/6/2017

Age:  2 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Lab/Pitbull Mix


Smiley is an a friendly, easy going, playful boy. His fosters say he has been a pleasure to have in their house! He is happy playing fetch with his people or running around the yard with his canine foster sister. Give him a bone or toy and he will be occupied for hours chewing away. Give him ear rubs and you'll make a best friend! He is very gentle around his five-year-old human foster sister, so we think he'd be just fine in a home with younger kids. He is very food motivated (but not food aggressive) and very quick to learn. We think he is a pitbull/lab mix - his love of water, thick fur and personality really screams lab. If you look at pictures of that mix, it's Mr Smiley to a T.

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