Lucille - Adopted on 3/25/2017

Age:  3 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Lab/Shepherd Mix


Lucy is an amazing dog especially when you consider all she has endured during her short life. As a recent rescue from a hoarding situation, Lucy has shown amazing resilience. She has learned what it really means to be loved and cared for. When she arrived at her foster family, she was scared, confused, and stressed. She would hide under chairs, was afraid to eat, and didn't understand the basics of walking on a leash, having unlimited access to clean water, or even feeling the sun on her face. Fast forward, Lucy is a now a happy, calm and content young lady. She gets excited and wiggly when her foster family enters the room. Thanks to her foster fur siblings Lucy has discovered the luxury of sleeping on couches, snuggling up with her humans, and going outside for potty breaks and running around. Lucy continues to be shy but is oh so sweet and gentle. She has shown no food aggression, is eager to meet new people when her foster mom is present and enjoys the freedom of exploring her new digs. Lucy's foster family also has two cats and to date, she has paid no attention to them. Lucy is looking for a loving family who is patient and willing to spend the time needed to help learn about the joys of being a dog.

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