Lolita - Adopted on 6/24/2017

Age:  About 4 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Boxer/Bulldog Mix


Lolita is a special girl whose goal is to charm everyone she meets and have them love on her. She really wants to please her people and be praised and loved on. Lolita was in a wonderful home for several weeks but unfortunately it did not work with their cat. They loved her and were so sad they couldn't keep her. This is what they have to say about her:

Lolita is an absolutely amazing dog. She likes cuddles and being near her humans. She is very loving towards people and we would constantly get compliments about how well behaved she is and how beautiful she is. She is so very sweet. She is always excited to see you and does a little dance with her front paws when you return after being gone for a while.

When you first get home from work she will want to just snuggle against you on a couch before getting excited to play or walk. Ws the evening gets later she wants nothing more than to put her head on your lap and go to sleep while you relax. She tends to have energy spikes where she is very active and happy to play or walk but then she likes to settle down and nap.

She is house trained and crate trained, knows basic commands, and is very well behaved. We suspect she has had some obedience training in the past. She is not a chewer and is not at all destructive. In the beginning, we crated her when we were not home, but then started leaving her in the living room and had no problems.

She is simply the best pup you could adopt!

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