Rudy - Adopted on 4/26/2017

Age:  3 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Lab Mix


Are you looking for a sweet, gentle soul who wants to become part of your family? A dog who loves people and other dogs as well? This might just be the dog for you. Meet Rudy! Rudy is full of low-keyed, positive energy. He is a very social dog and will thrive in a home where there is another dog and/or people around most of the time. He does fine having free roam of the house when you're not there and prefers not to be confined to a crate. Rudy enjoys playing outside with people and dogs for short periods of time or taking walks with you and then he is perfectly comfortable taking a nap on his doggie bed and just chilling. He also loves to snuggle! He is so well mannered that he can already sit, shake with either paw and will lay down on when asked.

Rudy is wonderful and respectful with other dogs even when they are not sure of him and he gives the appropriate amount of space - he just wants to fit in right away and be part of the pack - both human and animal. He is also housebroken. Rudy is sure to melt your heart as soon as you first meet him. Rudy is being fostered and his foster-family can tell you a lot more about him when you meet them.

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