Adley - Adopted on 5/20/2017

Age:  About 2 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Bulldog/Lab/Hound Mix


Adley is an angel! She is shy and quiet and demure. She is well behaved and kind and friendly to everyone she meets. The shelter staffed adored this girl. She was in a temporary foster home for 3 weeks in SC after we agreed to rescue her, and her foster mom said Adley was by far her favorite out of all of the dogs she has fostered! These are just some of the terrific things her foster mom had to say about her:

"Adley has a really lovely personality, very quiet and extremely loveable. She has a very gentle, super sweet nature and wags her tail often when she's happy or ready to play. She can be anxious and scared at first, but once she gets comfortable she smiles a lot and is a happy dog. She has soft, watchful eyes that plead with you to love her. She loves to be hugged on, scratched and shown affection, and when you pet her she will lean against you quietly and just soak up your love.

She really likes being with you and looks to you for reassurance often. She loves to be near you, inside and out and follows your lead very well on leash most of the time. She tends to watch your temperament and reactions. Adley looks for your attention but isn't "needy". She watches your temperament and reactions and really wants to please.

She loves tennis balls and loves playing with other dogs once she gets to know them. She is very submissive and would do great with other dogs and/or young kids. She is great with cats, kind of wants to chase if they run but listens when you tell her no."

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